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Founded in Spring, Texas, just outside of Houston, 2424 Software is here to help people.  Our mission is to develop and market highly useful, highly reliable software that works day in and day out (24 x 24) and which is so advanced, that you just might think it is from the year 2424. 
Our first product, FillPerfect, is designed from the ground up for job hunters.  Filling out online employment forms is tedious and involves filling out the same information over and over, day after day.  We created FillPerfect so that you can spend your time actually looking for the job that's right for you, instead of filling out forms.

Making online job hunting easy, FillPerfect integrates with Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser to fill out job applications and other online forms with a click of a button, saving you valuable time.  FillPerfect instantly and automatically fills in most common fields found on job applications, including basic profile information, phone and email contacts, education history, job history, military service, references, career objectives, and even your entire resume and cover letter.   FillPerfect fills in all types of input fields including text input, selection lists, check boxes and radio buttons. 

Unique and site specific fields that FillPerfect can not handle, are highlighted in yellow, making completion of each form a snap. No more looking up phone numbers or emails for references or employment information from years ago. No more worries about typographical or other errors caused by retyping the same information repeatedly.  No more postponed job submissions because you just ran out of time. 

We created FillPerfect to help people everywhere. That's our mission and we take it seriously. If there is anything else that you would like to know please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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